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Breyer is known for thorough historical and cultural research, and commits his huge vocabulary of building materials and merchandise, including many custom-designed, one-of-a-kind pieces, into his design presentations.



“Philosophically, I like to keep things pure and simple. I’m not intimidated by a historical building that has been completely overtaken by decades of different trends and bad choices—it offers the opportunity for a complete transformation back to its original architectural intention. On the other hand, I can be equally challenged and excited by a plain white modern box.”



Maintaining a philosophy that is at once simple but illusive, “I stay incredibly connected with my clients, while simultaneously remaining objective,” Breyer presents an approach to interiors that is both balanced and groundbreaking. His astute assessment of project scope and client goals, coupled with innovation and daring, create a dynamic synergy that is expressed in both residential and commercial projects.


“The process begins with conceptual ideas about the architecture and a clear understanding of my client’s needs. Finishes, fabrics, furnishings, and lighting support that architecture, and that is where we dialog together—adding and editing along the way to create a style that is particular and unique to the people who will live in the space. A refined sense of the project develops, but I always leave a modicum of leeway available to accommodate changes during the process, right up to completion.”

Evaluation of the architectural assets and liabilities to determine the feel of the space, apart from the existing décor, is the starting point of every project. Overall objectives and functional necessity provide a framework for the practical aspects of the design—who lives there, how do they use the space, who comes to visit. Once established, Breyer helps the client take an aesthetic leap toward design excellence.

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